climb and slide

As an upgrade to the kids climbing frame i built this two sided add-on board. You can use both sides. The first one for climbing and if you rotate it 180° it is a slide.

Each side of the border frame is cut out of two pieces of 18mm birch ply. It has a slot in the middle that integrates two boards, another birch ply panel and a melamine coated laminated pressboard.

The climbing holds are 3D-printed!

project facts

dimensions:1220mm x 538mm x 84mm
material:birch plywood, melamine coated laminated pressboard, PLA (climbing handles), steel hardware
estimated maeterial cost:~71€
tools:cnc-router, 3D-printer, power drill, orbit sander, belt sander, router with round over bit
build time:4-6 hours (without printing time)



materialestimated cost
birch plywood (2050 x 500 x 18mm) 30€
melamine coated laminated pressboard (1250 x 500 x 18mm)20€
wood screws3€
wood glue2€
33x M8x25 threaded inserts8€
red PLA for printing the climbing handles8€

building process

  1. Print the climbing handles (this is the most time consuming part, so it is best to start with that) – this is the great thingiverse file i used: link
  2. Let the cnc cut the four side panels.
  3. Meanwhile you can cut the birch ply board and the melamine coated board to size.
  4. Drill the 33 holes (10mm) for the M8 inserts into the birch ply.
  5. Use a router with a roundover bit on all outer edges.
  6. Sand all outer faces till you get a smooth finish.
  7. Glue the two boards together and let glue dry.
  8. Use a mallet to hammer the side panels onto the compound board in the middle. I used a pretty tight press-fit.
  9. Countersink the holes on the side panel and screw them in place.
  10. et voilà

project pictures


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