router table

Time for some shop upgrades! I built a small router table for my workbench with a cheap baseplate i ordered online and some CNC and 3D-printer magic.

project facts

dimensions:680 x 350mm x 108mm (width x depth x height)
material:plywood, PLA, aluminium
estimated material cost:~130€ (see details below)
tools:cnc-mill , 3D-printer, hand-saw, belt sander, sand paper
build time:6-8 hours
print time: ~40 hours



materialestimated cost
birch ply 18mm (700 x 400 x 18mm) 8€
beech ply with phenolic resin coating (800 x 200 x 15mm) 4€
router base plate30€
aluminium profiles M818€
filament for 3D-printed parts5€
mounting hardware15€
Katsu handheld router (makita clone)50€

building process

music: Jeff Kaale – cold

project pictures


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