wavy wall decoration

After a remodel of the living room we needed some art/decoration for one of the shelfs, so i came up with this wavy wood design.
I will go more into detail with the CAD/CAM part than usual on this one. Check it out in the HowTo below.

project facts

dimensions:ca.18mm x 300mm x 300mm (HxWxD)
material:18mm solid oak
estimated material cost:~10€ for the oak
cnc time:ca. 3 hours


design process in Fusion 360

You start out by drawing some splines on a sketch-plane with your desired parameters.
Then you create another sketch with about 12mm height difference and draw more splines between the ones you just created.
After that you go into the form mode and use the loft tool using the lines you just created.That way you create a closed surface area. You can easily modify all the waves in form mode.
Now you create a 300mm x 300mm x 18mm solid block
You then use the split body tool with the wavy surface we just created as the cutting plane. That brings you to your final design.
Now on to the CAM-part: We start out with a 3D-pocket operation to clear out most of the material. i used 1.5mm DOC for my machine.
To avoid colliding with the walls on the finishing pass, we also use a 2D contour operation to remove more material on the sides.
The finishing pass consists of a parallel toolpath with 1mm distance between the passes.
Last step is cutting out the 300mm x 300mm board using a 2D-contour.
Hopefully after all these steps your finished part should look like this.

project pictures


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