geometric clock

In this weeks project i replaced an ugly bedroom clock with a design based on a 3D geometric pattern.

It was my first time using 3D CAM, so it was quite a challenging project, but i’m looking forward to using 3D shapes in my future designs.

project facts

dimensions:300 x 300mm x 18mm (width x depth x height)
estimated material cost:~15€ (see details below)
tools:cnc-mill , sand paper
machine time:2,5 hours
roughing parametersFeedrate: 1800mm/min; DOC: 2mm; spindle speed: 15000 rpm; endmill: 2 flute 6mm Downcut bit
finishing parametersFeedrate: 1500mm/min;spindle speed: 10000 rpm endmill: 2-flute 6mm ball nose


materialestimated cost
solid pine 2€
clockwork long shaft13€

building process

project pictures


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