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As an addition to the sewing table of my wife, i built this geometric desk lamp out of wood/brass.

The entire lamp is built out of 18mm solid beech with brass hardware. Six polygons that are rotated 5° to each other are glued together to form the lamp shade.

To make the assembly process of these complicated geometric shapes easier i build various 3D-printed assembly helpers. You can check them out below. Enjoy!

project facts

dimensions:ca. 560mm x 200mm x 400mm (HxWxD)
material:18mm solid beech, brass (thumb screws and lamp socket)
estimated material cost:~38,5€
tools:cnc-router, 3D-printer (optional), sander, drill press (or atleast a drill), electrical equipment to connect the lamp socket
assembly time:2-4 hours
cutting time: ca. 1 1/2 hour
printing time:ca. 8 hours



materialestimated cost
800x400x18mm solid beech5€
filament for 3D-printed parts2€
brass lamp socket E276€
3x brass thumb screw M6x25mm DIN46413,5€
3m fabric covered cable10€
3x Threaded inserts M6x15mm1€

assembly process

  1. Cut out all the wooden parts and the one brass part
  2. Print all the assembly helpers (optional but recommended)
  3. Glue the “arm-mount” to the base station
  4. Drill holes for the cabling using the drill guide
  5. Glue all the parts of the lamp shade together using the 3D-printed 5° fixture
  6. Glue the brass plate into the lamp shade
  7. Screw in the lamp socket and into the brass plate
  8. Screw all the pieces together using the thumb screws
  9. Route all the cabling through the arms
  10. Connect the cable to the socket and install a plug

Here is a video of the 3D-printed helpers in action:

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project pictures


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