record cabinet

Time to store my vinyl records in style. So i built this record cabinet with a full extension drawer that holds about 50 records.

One more record is recessed as a cover in the drawer front. You can see the mechanism in the clip below.

The feets of the cabinet are based on a voronoi pattern and consist of three layers. Two layers of 18mm beech ply and a brushed aluminium front cover.

project facts

dimensions:ca. 1122mm x 350mm x 867mm (WxDxH)
material:18mm solid beech (top and drawer), 18mm beech plywood, aluminium (feet)
estimated material cost:~130€
tools:cnc-router, belt sander, orbit sander, power drill, a lot of (large) clamps
assembly time:1-2 days
cnc cutting time: ca. 3 hours (drawer and feet)



materialestimated cost
2x 800x400x18mm solid beech (drawer)10€
0,5x solid beech countertop 18mm (worktop)20€
one sheet of 18mm beech ply (you will have leftovers)75€
9mm plywood (or whatever you have as spare) for the drawer bottom and back4€
350mm full extension drawer10€
aluminium plate 0,5mm3€
s#*t ton of wood glue5€

assembly process

I will not go into detail how to build a cabinet, there are a bazillion tutorials out there, that can explain that better than i do.

One interesting detail though: i did not use a single screw for the cabinet. All boards are just glued at the their ends using wood glue and then clamped together.
When sophisticated woodworkers try to explain, that this cannot hold together: it does. You have so much surface area on such a big piece, that the glue alone holds up nicely!

The drawer front consists of two separate pieces that get glued together. One of the pieces has a deep pocket as a cutout for the vinyl record which you can see in the picture below.

project pictures


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