light table

Kids are fascinated by shiny things and want to discover the world surrounding them with their hands.

This simple light table made from solid wood lets your kids explore various materials. In addition with an off the shelf plastic enclosure you can even put your materials into water.

project facts

dimensions:495mm x 360mm x 54mm (width x depth x height)
material:beech and translucent acrylic
estimated cost:~65€ (see details below)
tools:cnc-mill (you could also use a saw and a handheld router), orbit sander, power drill, soldering iron
build time:6-8 hours (without glue dry time)



materialestimated cost
beech wood (2000 x 400 x 18mm) 18€
acrylic (diffuser)12€
led stripes with barrel plug connector10€
power supply10€
sturdy plastic box, topper for wet stuff (optional)16€

building process

The building process on this one was very simple:

  1. let the cnc-machine do it´s job and cut the three wood and one acrylic pieces
  2. glue the wood-pieces together
  3. remove excess glue and sand all outer edges
  4. drill a hole for the barrel plug connector
  5. spread the led-stripes evenly inside the box
  6. solder all the stripes together as one line
  7. solder the barrel plug connector to the led stripe
  8. fix the plug in place (i used hot glue)
  9. connect the plug-in power supply
  10. let it shine

project pictures

And finally some more project pictures:


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