kids kitchen helper

Our child tries to climb everywhere and wants to be part of everything. Therefore my wife wanted a kitchen helper, so the baby can reach on the kitchen worktop.
This is a super easy (and not even my own) design idea based on the two ikea pieces ODDVAR and BEKVÄM.
Most of the people on the internet that have already done that before just screwed the pieces together with woodscrews. I really did not like the look of that and made an easy connecting plate that uses M8 inserts and screws.
You can download the drawing of the connection plate below.

project facts

dimensions:ca. 930 x 450mm x 450mm (HxWxD)
material:pine, birch, beech
estimated material cost:~45€ including all the ikea parts
tools:power drill, saw, router with roundover bit (optional)
building time:ca. 3 hours


How to build this thing

At first you assemble the two Ikea components. You can leave the two top plates off, we will replace them with our custom made plate later. Also make sure to leave out one of the side walls on the ODDVAR.

After that we drill 10mm holes in all of the feet of the ODDVAR and screw in some M8 inserts.

Now you go on and build the plate to the dimensions according to my plan (check the download on the 3D-model section). You should end up with something like this:

Now you screw everything together with M8 hardware.

On the left you can see the variant from the different online tutorials on how to build this. On the right is the version with my connection plate.

project pictures


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