lyrical coasters

I was thinking about a coaster design for quite some time, so this week i finally sketched and designed it and built a prototype.
The main idea was to have a line from a song on top and the artist/song/year combination in the lower area.

The material combination is beech/brass. The text is engraved in the brass.

Final plan is to have a set of six coasters from one artist to remember the dearest lines of the lyrics. But i was running out of brass and time, so one coaster it is…

project facts

dimensions:ca. 110mm x 110mm x 9mm (WxDxH)
material:18mm solid beech (planed down to 9mm), brass (inlays)
estimated material cost:~6€
tools:cnc-router, file, super glue
difficulty:sophisticated (engraving brass is hard on a desktop cnc)
assembly time:10 minutes
cnc cutting time: about 30 minutes



materialestimated cost
1x 150x150x9mm beech (perfect for using your scraps)2€
brass plate 0,5mm3€
good super glue (glueing brass with wood)1€

manufacturing process

The wood part on this one is easy. Use whatever scrap you have left and flatten it down to 9mm and let the cnc carve the pockets for the brass inlays.

Hard part for me was engraving the brass. At first i used some super cheap 15° v-bits from amazon and the tip broke of immediately so i ordered this 6mm 60°.
It worked a lot better with this one, the tip did not break anymore but it is a bit wide for fine engravings. There is quite a lot of optimization potential left with the engraving but engraving with a palm router is super hard because they have a lot of runout.

After the engraving was done i cut out the contour and glued the brass in place in the beech coasters. Done.

project pictures


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